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UK Sites
The United Kingdom Association for Solution Focused Practice (UKASFP)
UKASFP was formed in 2003 to promote Solution-Focused work in the United Kingdom. It organises an annual conference and is developing a network of practitioners to exchange ideas for good practice, as well as exploring professional issues such as Accreditation. It publishes a regular newsletter, available online and is beginning to develop regional groups.

Brief Therapy North East
This organisation is a resource for practitioners in the North East of England and adjoining regions, who are interested in developing and promoting models of collaborative brief therapy.

Alasdair McDonald
Alasdair McDonald is a leading figure in developing solution-focused work in the U.K. and throughout Europe. He is the Research Co-ordinator for the European Brief Therapy Association and has published widely on SFBT.

The Solutions Focus
The Solutions Focus group in Bristol - Mark McKergow, Paul Z Jackson and Jenny Clarke are leaders in the U.K. in promoting and using a SF approach with companies in the private sector.

John Henden
John has specialised in applying Solution-Focused ideas and interventions in the field of self-harm.

Stephen Palmer
Professor Stephen Palmer is a leading figure in the development of Cognitive Behaviour and Solution-Focused Therapy in the U.K. See and

Jeff Matthews
Jeff is a management consultant and coach who specialises in the use of solution-oriented approaches and 360 degree appraisal.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
Professional body representing counsellors and therapists in the U.K.

John Wheeler
John is an experienced trainer and practitioner who specialises in applying the solution-focused approach in social work, especially in the field of safeguarding children.

Vicky Bliss
Vicky is an experienced psychologist who specialises in using, and training others to use, the solution-focused approach with people with autism or aspergers syndrome

Useful Conversations
The website of Greg Vinnicombe.
Solution Focused consultant and trainer. Based in north east of England.

Skills Development
The website of Paul Grantham and Julia Budnik. Paul is a consultant clinical psychologist who delivers a wide range of excellent training courses, including solution focused ones. Paul and Julia also make and sell DVD’s of therapeutic approaches. See

Guy Shennan
The website of Guy Shennan, a talented and skilful solution-focused coach, trainer, supervisor and counsellor. Based in London.

International Sites
European Brief Therapy Association
EBTA runs annual conferences in different European cities. The site has a collection of research articles and information about the conferences.

Bill O'Hanlon
Bill O'Hanlon, a leading, innovative thinker, author and practitioner in Solution-Oriented therapies. Bill regularly presents workshops in the U.K.

The Brief Therapy Network
The Canadian network for Solution Focused practitioners. It has a useful and varied collection of materials

Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute
Ben Furman and Tapani Ahola of the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute - specialising in the Re-Teaming approach and imaginative solution-focused work with children. Ben regularly leads workshops in the U.K.

Talking Cure
'Talking Cure' is comprised of Scott Miller, Mark Hubble and Barry Duncan, well known in the Solution-Focused field for their challenging of conventional therapeutic ideas. This comprehensive and helpful site summarises the latest published research in therapy outcomes across a broad range of therapeutic approaches.

Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney
Michael Durrant's Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney. This three-in-one site offers materials on Solutions in Business, Solution Focused Therapy and a Strengths in Schools programme. Michael regularly delivers workshops in the U.K. 

Wally Gingerich
An impressive collection of research into the effectiveness of SFBT and information on the MAM, an assessment tool designed to explore the solution-focused dimensions of team discussions.

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