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How to Save Time and Do More with Less
A One-Day course


new course-how to save time and do more with less

In many workplaces staff are having to manage with fewer resources, while learning new roles, being more flexible, building a new team, carrying a bigger workload, as well as dealing with anxiety about their own future.

In this climate it is crucial that staff feel valued, motivated and equipped to meet the new challenges. This practical course offers many practical ideas and techniques for working smarter, becoming more motivated and successful.

Aims of the Course
The course aims to motivate and encourage staff by giving them practical ways of achieving outcomes quickly and efficiently. It aims to inspire and motivate teams to find ways they can co-operate in achieving their goals.

• The quickest route to find sustainable solutions to problems
• Less is the new more
• Convert problems into goals
• Rise above detail
• Listen for solutions not problems and obstacles
• Discover your own and others’ signature strategies
• Talk yourself hopeful
• Give feedback not criticism
• Do something different when stuck
• How to make time your ally not your enemy
• How to have shorter and more productive meetings.

The course is delivered by Focus on Solutions trainers who have extensive experience of training public and voluntary sector staff.

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